AIF’s H2O Coalition Launches Ad Campaign

Highlighting “Amendment 1 is for Everyone”


Tallahassee, Fla. – Working to ensure the diverse needs of water users from every region of the state are met, the Associated Industries of Florida’s H2O Coalition today launched a television ad campaign to inform Floridians about the need for the Florida Legislature to responsibly and fairly spend Amendment 1 dollars this session.  The first ad begins running today in the Tallahassee television and radio markets.  

The television and radio campaign will supplement the Coalition’s targeted mail and social media efforts supporting members of the Legislature who are working to ensure that the entire state benefits from Amendment 1.

 “Last Fall, two-thirds of Florida voters adopted Amendment 1 to ensure our state has adequate funding to preserve, sustain, and protect our natural resources,” said Brewster Bevis, Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs for the Associated Industries of Florida.  “Floridians do not want the funding priorities under Amendment 1 to just reflect the narrow interests of certain environmental advocacy groups. They want the spending to reflect the needs of everyone who cares about our beaches, lakes, rivers, and fresh water supply throughout the state. We are just reminding their elected representatives that Amendment 1 is for everyone.”

“We look forward to taking our message to every Floridian who cares about the future of fresh water in Florida,” continued Bevis.  “Working together, we can ensure all of Florida is treated fairly with respect to Amendment 1.”

Transcript of the H2O Coalition television ad running in Tallahassee today:

“Last November, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 1 – providing money to clean up our rivers, springs and lakes.  Finish Everglades restoration. Renourish our beaches and protect our water supply. 

Lawmakers are now deciding how to spend Amendment 1 money.  And special interest groups want the lion’s share for their pet projects. 

We all voted for it.  And we should all benefit from it.  Let’s remember: Amendment 1 is for everyone.”

The Florida H2O Coalition is comprised of stakeholders interested in water quantity and quality issues in Florida with the goal of making recommendations on state and federal water laws and rules impacting Florida.   For more information about the Florida H2O Coalition, please visit us online:


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