Will You Take a Moment and Tell the Tampa Bay Times Where You Stand?

Michael Van Sickler of the Tampa Bay Times just put out an open call asking readers what they expect from Amendment 1.  Will you take a moment and email Michael to let him know where you stand?

Just send your message to mvansickler@tampabay.com and feel free to borrow from some of the message points below:

- Amendment was was approved by 75 percent of Florida voters, and yet certain special interests are insisting it only be used for a narrow use, like land buying.  Florida already owns nearly 30 percent of the land in our state.  The Legislature should use the money on other projects that will actually increase and protect our water supply.

- I live in a community in Florida with significant challenges affecting our water resources, including beach erosion and saltwater intrusion.  I voted for it because I thought it would help to keep our water supply safe and clean and not go to buying up more land.

- I supported Amendment 1 because I believed the Legislature should always be committed to caring about the environment.  Now that the amendment has passed, I believe the Legislature should have discretion on how the funds are spent and the funding should go to projects that help keep our water clean and available.