AIF’s Florida H20 Coalition will use the following guiding principles as key elements when supporting or opposing proposed water legislation or rules:

  • Support solutions based on the best science for that particular problem or site.
  • Support an annual dedicated source of funding for water quantity and water quality projects. 
  • Support Alternative Water Supply projects that enlarge Florida’s “water pie.”
  • Support regional projects that use a menu of water quantity and quality options.
  • Support funding and projects that provide adequate water supply for public supply, agriculture and the environment.

Launched in 2014, the Florida H2O Coalition is comprised of stakeholders interested in water quantity and quality issues in Florida with the goal of making recommendations on state and federal water laws and rules impacting Florida.  This upcoming Legislative Session, the coalition plans to advocate for the following key elements to be incorporated into legislation or funding directives to address Florida’s water quality and quantity issues:




Through alternative water supply projects, our goal is to ensure that there is adequate water for all existing and future uses by growing the water supply available for use by people, businesses, and the environment.




Provide an annual and recurring source of state funding for alternative water supply projects as part of a regularly updated state plan. 





Support and fund innovative solutions, such as water farming and using public-private partnerships to recharge the aquifer.




Sound Science

Water supply planning and solutions to water quality problems should be based on the best science for that particular site or problem. 





Offer incentives to use the latest technology for water quality and water supply, without penalizing users for success saving water. 



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